Child Neurology Services P.C

Insurance and Billing Information

We accept most insurance plans. Please double check your provider listing to ensure our participation in your specific plan.

While our office is located on the campus of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Child Neurology Services is physician-owned. You may receive separate billing for our services performed while your child was a patient at the hospital. Please review your individual plan to ensure you are receiving the highest level of benefits available to you and that all guidelines for referrals and pre-certification are being followed.

Please note: If your child was seen as a patient for testing or has been admitted to either East Tennessee Children’s Hospital or UT Medical Center, the hospital may be in network for your insurance while the physicians are not.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office will be closing at noon on Fridays. We are also offering TELEMEDICINE visits for some existing patients. If you are an established patient and would like to see if your appointment can be changed to a TELEMEDICINE visit, please, call our office at (865) 523-5437. If you have a TELEMEDICINE appointment scheduled, please see below for some very important information.